Neptune DXP - Open Edition 23.10.5

API Trace

  • Fix: null operation entries in the API Trace table no longer stop the API Trace application from loading

App Designer

  • Fix: Fetch correct icons in data flow dialog

  • Fix: Added missing require statement when using 'sap.ui.layout.cssgrid.ResponsiveColumnItemLayoutData'

  • Fix: Added missing require statements when using 'sap.f.dnd.GridDropInfo', 'sap.m.SinglePlanningCalendarMonthView', 'sap.ui.layout.cssgrid.ResponsiveColumnItemLayoutData' in App Handler V2

  • Fix: Throw an error when trying to create a custom component that causes a cyclic relationship

  • Enhancement: Only query API data once during app compilation, if same API is used in multiple API objects

API Designer

  • Fix: We increased the number of items visible in the Proxy Authentication selection dialog

PDF Designer

  • Feature: We added the TextWrapper object that allows text with different styles to be on the same line

  • Feature: We added the "fit" property to QR codes

API Authentication

  • Fix: OAuth 2.0 body values are now properly saved

Deploy Create

  • Feature: You can sort deployment package contents by version on the final dialog


  • Enhancement: Firebase migration from legacy FCM APIs to HTTP v1 due to FCM API removal on June 21, 2024

  • Enhancement: /healthz will no longer make a query to the database. Instead, it will check the status of the connection to the database.

  • Enhancement: Only query for required application data when fetching tile data

  • Fix: Don’t expose JWT token and hashed password when saving security group