Neptune DXP - Open Edition 23.10.3

App Designer

  • Feature: You can now add YAML and Markdown files to the files folder

  • Feature: You can now format XML, HTML, YAML, and Markdown files

  • Enhancement: The user interface now displays a 'busy' status during file imports and confirms upon successful completion

  • Enhancement: When creating a new app by importing a file a check ensures that the selected .planet9 file is indeed an application file

  • Fix: Improved the data flow dialog for API objects without assigned APIs

  • Fix: Enhanced whole word search stability for unescaped special characters

  • Fix: Fixed icons in Multi Model Where-Used dialog

  • Fix: Navigate to line for script usages from Multi Model Where-Used dialog

  • Feature: Added filter in Multi Model Where-Used dialog

  • Fix: Improved display when attempting to navigate from a script to an object/function that does not exist in the tree

  • Fix: Improved APIs inside custom components that directly assign the response to a model

  • Feature: Added a case-sensitive toggle for the global search

  • Fix: You can now place JavaScript and TypeScript objects in folders underneath the files section when Aggregation-based drag drop is enabled

  • Feature: JavaScript objects in Custom Components now have the same isUnique attribute as TypeScript objects

  • Fix: sap.m.Input now accepts child elements assuming they have a valid type/aggregation relationship i.e. sap.ui.layout.GridData

  • Fix: sap.ui.layout.GridData is now set as layout data to its parent components

Adaptive Designer

  • Feature: Implemented pagination functionality for API Connectors

  • Enhancement: Revamped the flow diagram with new graphics library for a more modern and visually appealing design

  • Fix: Using a deep link to access an app directly in the Adaptive Designer now loads Naia

  • Fix: Selecting a new Connector without refreshing master data now shows the Connector’s name in the settings

Script Editor

  • Feature: Added a case-sensitive toggle for the global search

  • Feature: The Script Editor now uses the same icon set that is used in the App Designer

  • Fix: All global parent scripts get updated references when a child global script is reloaded

  • Feature: Introduced virtual folders for better organization and overview of scripts within a project

  • Fix: Refreshing the project list will now show the count of projects if the list is currently being filtered

  • Fix: The code snippets for writing to System Log have been updated


  • Feature: You can now toggle between open apps using cmd/alt + up/down

  • Fix: The Documentation tile in the Help group has been removed


  • Feature: Improved sorting for the 'Is External' column in the list

  • Enhancement: Saving a launchpad will now warn if two or more tiles in the launchpad have an identical combination of semantic object and action

  • Fix: Improved display when changing the client timeout setting

Mobile Client

  • Fix: Icon and splashscreen preview images are now automatically removed when their image sources are cleared

  • Fix: Improved message display for missing media images when they cannot be found in the media library


  • Feature: You can specify if an API request should be routed through a proxy

  • Enhancement: Increased model size limit of API operations list

  • Enhancement: Request data is now automatically stringified for any API request specifying 'Content-Type: application/json' in the header, in addition to the default 'application/json' media type

  • Fix: Improved handling of example data entries supporting APIs being saved

  • Fix: Tracing server script API with capture body caused server process to crash when using MSSQL


  • Enhancement: Improved compatibility for field catalogs and mapping when using OpenAPI 3.0

  • Fix: Toggling 'Enable preview' for API Connectors before setting any API operations will no longer cause an error

Tile/Tile Group

  • Enhancement: You can no longer add a tile group to itself as a child

  • Enhancement: Saving a tile group will now warn if two or more tiles in the group have an identical combination of semantic object and action

  • Enhancement: The Tile Group Action input now uses a select dialog instead of a combobox

Security Groups

  • Enhancement: User and Role tables no longer load all entries at once for improved performance

  • Fix: Users with only display rights can now open a Security Group


  • Feature: npm modules used in development package server scripts are added to the package.json file as dependencies

  • Fix: Where-used now uses id instead of name to avoid conflicts with internal modules

  • Fix: Improved transferring server scripts using a relative path for the npm installation directory so that modules can be located in the target system

Audit Log

  • Fix: Users with only display rights to the Audit Log can now open the diff view

  • Fix: Some save operations would save secrets to the audit log

  • Fix: Housekeeping - Table Audit Log no longer gets fully deleted if the time kept is not changed

System Log

  • Feature: There is now a button to export the currently open system log file


  • Feature: You can now directly add and remove Security groups from the user management page

  • Fix: Users with only display rights no longer see errors when opening a user

Development Package

  • Enhancement: ACL data included in role definition when pushing development packages to git repository

  • Fix: Users without display permission to development package would not see which development package an artifact was assigned to

  • Enhancement: Updates from a repository are permitted only when the server and the remote repository have the same package ID

  • Fix: Media now included in development package when using Azure Blob and MSSQL


  • Feature: You can now select/deselect all of an artifact group in the create dialog

  • Enhancement: When 'Include Relations' is deselected 'Only Changed' is not editable as 'Only Changed' only applies when 'Include Relations' is selected

  • Enhancement: The filename for an exported deployment package now includes the system roles and the date and time the deployment package was created


  • Enhancement: PDF compilation error messages now contain the name of the PDF

  • Fix: Fixed a problem where binding data to the image source (src) attribute in footers and headers did not correctly update the src with the bound data

  • Fix: Addressed the issue where setting an object’s 'visible' property to 'false' in the header/footer section did not actually hide the object

  • Enhancement: Watermarks now support the "visible" property

  • Enhancement: Tables now support the 'dontBreakRows' property to force cell grouping

  • Fix: Hidden images will no longer take up any space

  • Fix: The text elements' x and y property can be bound to data


  • Enhancement: Implemented a warning when saving documentation for an application that already has existing documentation


  • Feature: View data from any table row in a user-friendly form within a dialog box

  • Enhancement: Automatically batch save table records on MSSQL if the data saved exceeds 2100 parameters(records \* columns)

  • Enhancement: Implemented a warning if there are unsaved changes in the table entries

  • Enhancement: The table browser now locks the table when in edit mode


  • Fix: Creating a certificate signed by another certificate would show error 'Cannot find signing key'


  • Feature: Added a setting under 'General > Login' that allows administrators to prevent users from changing their passwords within the launchpad interface

  • Enhancement: The authentication configuration dialog now shows the authentication type and name in the dialog header

  • Enhancement: There is now an option in the user settings menu to change how editors are opened, i.e. tab or window

  • Fix: Authentication configurations will now show the correct assigned roles/departments

  • Fix: Disabling the Naia integration will now hide the Naia chat tile

  • Feature: Fiori remote system integration - Added the ability to select an SAP system from Remote Systems. All relative paths beginning with /sap or /neptune will be automatically proxied to the chosen remote system when enabled

  • Enhancement: Implemented a warning when changing the storage types to migrate any important data first

Mobile Debug

  • Fix: Adding a mobile debugger to an app will now log any errors


  • Fix: Role name is now a unique column


  • Enhancement: Processes will now attempt to connect to Redis up to 5 times before giving up, replacing the previous single-attempt approach.

  • Enhancement: Use issuer URL(when issuer is a URL) to determine protocol for SAML authentication

  • Fix: Accessing logout when user is not logged in causes internal server error

  • Fix: When query string debug=true is present in the URL return debug version of the login page when not logged in

  • Fix: Logging in to Neptune DXP - Open Edition with OIDC token would look for user with Azure as IdP source

  • Fix: Prevent idpSourceId to be considered unique in a Postgres unique index when it has no value(NULL) by assigning a default value of 'N/A'

  • Feature: Proxy all requests with relative paths starting with /sap/ or /neptune/ to an SAP Remote System

  • Enhancement: Artifact version numbers will now be a consistent length for easier sorting


  • Enhancement: Upgraded Axios library: 0.21.4 > 1.6.4