Access the API from an external system

In this topic, you learn how to access the API from an external system. After downloading the API, you need to enable authentication and authorizations between the two systems. Authorization is executed using a JWT token.



  1. Add a new user with the following details:

    1. Assign the role ACL.

    2. In the API Token tab, toggle the Enable button to On and click Generate token.

    3. Copy the generated JWT token and click Save.

  2. Create a new authentication method.

    1. Navigate to the Headers tab and click Add.

    2. Enter a meaningful name.

    3. In Value, write Bearer followed by your generated JWT token.

  3. Open the API in the API Designer and go to the Authentication tab.

  4. Click Add.

    Result: The Proxy Authentication dialog opens.

  5. Select the Role and Proxy Authentication you just created.


  • You have configured the authentication method to access an API from an external system.